ONE year.

My heart is so full with so much love from all and support from you all. Just a little blurb about me and this brand over the year....


One Year Ago I took the dive and decided it was time to try and use my creative side to make some things that just maybe people would have interest in.  I always liked making things even for my brothers birthday I would make little party favors because I thought it was needed. I had "craft days" with girls on my street. I would even go as far as a kid I would draw a picture but color the back because everyone has a back! Its what I did and my parents always encouraged me to be creative.

As I grew older and I dated I would make things for my S.O because that showed I cared more.  As time went on and I worked and went to school. I lost sight of my dream to create. Eventually as I got married I wanted to decorate, design and bake. I eventually got pregnant and it just all came back.

Once Brooklyn was born I would buy headbands and finally decided I should just make my own. I bought a knot bow headband from baby gap and thats when I decided I can do this. I will do this. I started with knot bows and shabby flowers and slowly and gradually moved into my love for leather.  (Before I had kids and all I did was shop for myself. I decorated my closet with the likes of Gucci, Chloe, D&G, Burberry, Marc Jacobs and so on)  So leather was something I knew and loved. Not something I just said I'm going to do.

As this business grew into what it was I decided to educated myself in leather, grade, texture, source from where it came from, how to sew, literally everything I could find I read. (& I still read till this day)  I now know when I touch leather the ounce and animal and whats use is for.  This has become my job, my brand, my business. 

When you purchase a leather good from me know that it has been touched, inspected, cut by hand, sewn with care, made with love for you to enjoy.  I can tell you that the item you receive from me has a story and just isn't a number in the production line. Its a piece of me I give for you to love enjoy and cherish.

I have stayed up many late nights while I pregnant and even in labor I was working on emails and answering what I could. I'm up early mornings to sew, package, print labels whatever before the girls wake up. Trust me tears have been shed with just complete emotion, being overwhelmed but when you tag your kids in raine+skye it just makes it all worth it. your belief in me.

Thank you all for the past year of support, love, and belief in my brand. I am humbled by you all.


Thank you! Thank you & Thank you!!


Happy Birthday Raine+Skye!!



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