The "Wanderlust"collection is based on the strong and irresistible impulse our children have to travel the world, to explore the unknown. This collection I hope inspires your children to set off and be their own free explorers. 

I find as my girls grow they find more independence and the will to explore more. I love watching them develop into their personalities. I tried to capture the essence of the Mojave Desert in each item from color to texture. I hope the textures and bold colors give your child that desire to explore and find a confidence in carrying a leather purse to place their treasures in.  

I hope these leather purses build lasting memories and are treasured heirlooms in your children's closets or walls. Feel free to send me pictures via email or tag us on instagram using #raineandskyeQT

All leather goods are made by hand from start to finish in the suburbs of California.  Everything is made by one person, with a vision to and a dream.  This collection was made using only the finest Italian Leather Hides from Tanneries in Italy.  I take pride in this collection and have spent countless hours developing what you see today. And hope it gives you a sense of Wanderlust.





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