For SS16 I found inspiration among my girls. As they are growing into toddlers I am able to experience an ever growing imagination with daily play.  

Stories are filled with so much excitement and feelings I find myself lost in imaginative play. But its when the girls sleep sleep at night I wonder what they dream of? I often at night find myself thinking of this quote..

Let her sleep,
for when she wakes,
she will move mountains...

When they wake I hear about her good nights rest and how the prince came to save the princess. Or her being a princess and going to her castle (her house bed).  They often wear feather crowns from Wovenplay, or flower petal headbands from Fancy Free Finery.  Watching the girls play together from made up stories to walking around in Disney Princess Dresses,  I see dreams come true.

When we dream we think of clouds, warmer tones with a cooler touch of airy tones to give us a feeling of blue skies above. Something whimsical and dreamy. This collections has a range of dreamy colors from cool serenity, buttercup a yellow like the warm rays of the sun, to cloud dancer a fluffy white, and even a soft blush pink; Rose Quartz. 

So for this SS16: DREAMS I want this collection to inspire all little girls to set off on adventures and find all things whimsical. After all we all want our girls to dream big and follow their heart.

shop the collection early: here.

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