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Mini Speckled Rattlesnake
Mini Speckled Rattlesnake

Mini Speckled Rattlesnake

D E S C R I P T I O N:

The Mini Speckled Rattlesnake Wanderer is the perfect bite size bucket bag for your free spirit.

Speckled Rattlesnake: a native snake to the Mojave Desert. This bucket bag has dark speckled spots to resemble the actual snake.

Handmade in Southern California. PLEASE NOTE: As of 11/02/18 these are READY TO SHIP and will ship within 3-5 Business days. (weekends not included)


D E T A I L S:

- Each Mini Bucket bag is made of Premium Textured Embossed Leather.
- Silver Hardware for straps to give a completed look.
- Natural Markings on the Leather is unique to each bag. Bag will age and distress with wear. This leather is intended to age with your child.

D i M E N S i O N S:

- 4in Height x 4in Wide.
- Base of bag is 4in.
- Bag extends and closes with Leather Lace Drawsting.

Measurements are approximate due to each item is handmade with love and care.

S T R A P S:
- 35in Thick Leather Lace. Straps can be tied either at the hardware for adjustments or make a knot on top.
- I'm 5'4 and when the bag is worn over my shoulder hits my hip. Not big enough for an iPhone 6/6+ but can fit keys, card, cash. 

NOTE: Before purchasing, PLEASE read shop policy. ALL SALES FINAL. 

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