Chestnut Horse MV
Chestnut Horse MV
Chestnut Horse MV
Chestnut Horse MV

Chestnut Horse MV

D E S C R I P T I O N:

The Chestnut Horse Mini Voyager is made to look similar to the horse its named after. Ready for you to saddle up and set forth on adventure.  Its the perfect little bag for the growing little girl in your life. 

Chestnut Horse: A basic chestnut or "red" horse has a solid copper-reddish coat, with a mane and tail that is close to the same shade as the body coat.

Handmade in Southern California.  

PLEASE NOTE: As of 12/10/18 these are READY TO SHIP and will ship within 3-5 Business days. (weekends not included)


D E T A I L S: 
- Each Satchel is made of Reddish Brown Cork Leather with True Brown Mane, Face.
- Each Bag measures approx 5in in height & 4.25 in width 
- 35in Leather Strap is suitable for Toddlers to wear as a crossbody bag. (1-4yr) 
- Each little bag has details sewn to give a feel of your own Equestrian pet.
- Natural Markings on the Leather is unique to each bag. Bag will age and distress with wear. Please note due to the handmade nature of the purse no two unicorns are alike and may slightly vary.


NOTE: Before purchasing, PLEASE read shop policy. ALL SALES FINAL. 

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