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Metallic Argyle Purple Adventure Pack

D E S C R I P T I O N:

The Simple Design Backpack for every toddler to small child, Adventure Pack. Introduced in SS16 Raine+Skye, perfect for both boys and girls the perfect miniature backpack for the daily adventures.

Handmade in Southern California.  

PLEASE NOTE: As of 11/12/18 these are READY TO SHIP and will ship within 5-7 Business Days


D E T A I L S: 
- Each Pack is made of a Premium Metallic Argyle Purple Leather
- Each Pack has antique brass hardware.
- Leather is a Natural Material, each pack is unique and varies in color and texture. Markings are natural to the leather. Pack is intended to distress and will age with wear.

D i M E N S i O N S 
- 10.5"H x 9"W
- Straps are made from 100% Cotton (for length reference I'm 5'4 and this bag with straps full extended hit my mid back.)
- Recommended Fit up to a  1-12 yr old.  


NOTE: Before purchasing, PLEASE read shop policy. ALL SALES FINAL. 

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