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Wanderlust Pocket | Grey Camo
Wanderlust Pocket | Grey Camo

Wanderlust Pocket | Grey Camo

D E S C R I P T I O N:

This little tiny coin pocket is inspired by the term "Wanderlust:  a strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world."

Just like the definition of this term, I hope this little pocket will inspire and encourage your child to explore the world. All that childhood is meant to be. So here it is the 'Wanderlust Pocket'.  Introduced to the raine+skye collection for AW16.

Handmade in Southern California.

PLEASE NOTE: As of 12/28/18 these are READY TO SHIP and will ship within 5-7 Business days. (weekends not included)


D E T A I L S: 
- Each Satchel is made of Premium Kale + Grey Camo leather.  
- Each Bag measures approx 3in in height & 4.25 in width from strap to strap holder.
- 36in Leather Strap is suitable for Toddlers to wear as a crossbody bag. (1-4yr) 
- Each little bag has a snap button with kale leather strap holders. 
- Natural Markings on the Leather is unique to each bag. Bag will age and distress with wear.


NOTE: Before purchasing, PLEASE read shop policy. ALL SALES FINAL. 

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